In the City - Jabez Clegg - Manchester

Well hello....Just posting to let all you guy's know about our gig this Sunday at Jabez Clegg. It is part of the "In the City" festival that descends on Manchester each year and we are looking forward to ripping it up, big time. We are on @ 8pm but there are plenty of other bands on through the night to satisfy even the biggest hunger lust for rock music. Other band on the night include:

- Gifted by Loss
- Razed to Ashes
- Pariah
- Bison Hammer
- Rodeo Clown
- plus many more....

So make sure to come down as it will be a great night for one and all. At Jabez Clegg alone there is 3 stages of Rock and Metal so promises to be cool.

Have a nice day......


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Just want to say thanks...

Just want to say a massive thanks to the Fixxxer Hardcore and everyone who attended the gig at the Academy in Manchester last night, the other bands were great as well and we would like to give a mention to Rodeo Clown, the Sardinian 3 piece punk band, top bunch of lads.

It was a top night, there will be a few sore heads this morning, we as a band really enjoyed playing for you guys as you made it extra ace.

Make sure you get down to our next gig and bring a few more muckers so we can have an even bigger party.

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Manchester Academy - Next Gig/Recording in Chorley/T-shirts

Well, it has been a long time coming in our opinion so Saturday 21st June 2008 should be kept free in your diary, because we, Fixxxer, will be playing a show at the Manchester Academy 3 (formerly The Hop & Grape). The night promises to be a good one, there will be a lot of beer flowing and we will most definitely be ripping up Manchester good style with our friends before and after the gig (during goes without saying). We have seen a lot of bands grace the stages at the academy growing up and now it is our turn to put on a show, the line up for the gig is as follows:

Subrosa Tryst
OtherSide Of Sound

The other 3 bands are local Manchester bands,
click here for information about the gig.

So make sure you come down, there will also be the new Fixxxer t-shirts on sale at the gig so make sure you check them out.

As well as the gig we are also looking forward to recording a demo of a few of our newer songs in Chorley in the coming weeks. So hopefully they will be on the site soon for you to listen to and download.

Cheers to everyone who showed up to our Manchester and Liverpool gigs over the last month as they were cracking gigs.

Remember Saturday 21st June - Manchester Academy 3


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From a Dry Bar in Manchester to a Tavern in Wigan

First of all I'd like to thank the perilous Hardcore for their support at Sunday nights gig at the Dry Bar in Manchester, the turnout was great and the reception we were given was top spec. It was a good night had by all and a fair few beverages were sunk before the night was finished. I'd like to give a mention to rolex replica Sons of Midiam for their cracking set and also fellow warrington band Ward Corner (Scotty's previous band) who also had a good night

Now on to this week, we will be playing at a club called The Tavern in Wigan town centre. We as a touring rock band are not unfamiliar with Wigan as we played in the extremely Chavvy/Chavie "Baa bar" on a rock night upstairs one ill fated night last year, which involved our mucker Sam plus some more of our entourage battling with some tracksuit clad, cretinous, pieces of phlegm. The gig went well however so the night was not all bad.

Anyhow we are playing a reputable Rock boozer this week so it should be a cracking gig, make sure you get down for it, the details.......

Friday 28th March
The Tavern
Wigan Town Centre

See you there,
Lloydie ;o)

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Welcome to the new site/on the Rocks Festival

Welcome to the new and improved Fixxxer site. We will be using the site to update you on forthcoming gigs, new music and what we have been up to generally. With Kev having his shiny new mobile he will be able to update all Fixxxer news on the go.

Check out the photos from the previous gigs, which will be regularly updated, also we will have our new demo up soon so make sure you come back and check for updates.

We are playing on Easter Sunday in the Dry Bar in Manchester as part of the On the Rock's Festival. Door's open at 5:00pm so get down early to check out the plethora of great bands that will be rocking out through the night. This is the line up for this Sunday:

a killer's fear
clown shoes
pegasus bridge
screw loose
i. said the spy
babylon fire
sons of midiam

DRY BAR, MANCHESTER, 23/03/08 at 17:00

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